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The Nature of Drug Possession Laws

People have always had an issue with drugs as far back as history can record. The narcotics industry has intricacies to it as well as lots of funds that make it a tough area of our lives to control or eradicate. There are so many criminal activities involved in this industry, from the manufacturing, to distribution, sales and possession. There are many deaths that surround the industry, from those who are overwhelmed by its effects and the effects of addiction, to those who perform criminal acts due to its influence. This explains why there are some strict laws that prohibit any form of owning, carrying, holding, or any other type of possession of any kind of illegal drug.
Drugs possession laws were put in place to safeguard the interests of the people where drugs were concerned. There are different classes of drugs, which have different levels of severity in the punishment given for their possession. The more potent the drug, the more severe the sentencing that comes with its possession. There are those that will earn you a fine, and there are some that may get you imprisoned for life.

There is to be expected stiff penalties in case you are ever found in possession of drugs, from any law enforcement agency you happen to be dealing with. They shall consider your punishment based on the type of drug you had, the quantity, your intention with the drugs, your age, and where you were at the time. If you are for instance found in possession of an ounce of marijuana in your vehicle, it will only end up as a misdemeanor. But if you happened to have four pounds of cocaine with our car parked near a public school, you can expect the worst penalty possible. If you were to commit a crime while you had the four pounds, things get much worse from then on.

A misdemeanor is not a big of a deal as a felony is. The penalties imposed in either case varies as per the state you are located in. A misdemeanor should lead to a small fine, court-mandated counseling, community service, or probation. Felonies, on the other hand, come with more severe consequences.

When you are facing a drug charge, you need to be careful how you proceed. As much as a misdemeanor seems easily solvable, there might develop some complications. You therefore need to make sure that whatever the circumstance, you have the right legal representation in your case. There have been misdemeanors that have escalated to felony charges, by which time it is too late to do anything about it. This is why you need a reputable criminal defense attorney by your side.

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